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Friday, August 31, 2012

Week 1 done

 Weekly progress= -9lbs

I am done with week one.

I ate around 1200 calories a day every day and tried to do about 20+minutes of light exercise. I am slowly increasing my activity every day so that I can get in better shape. I have been drinking 8-12 cups of water a day also and reduced my soda intake to one can of diet or so a day.

I have found that 1200 calories does not leave me feeling hungry. It is the 2400mg of sodium which has been hard. I LOVE salty foods. The best way I have found to stay under my sodium has been to cook everything myself. I know what goes into everything that way. Fresh vegetables and fresh meats don't have much sodium and so I have been doing well with that.

Believe it or not the scale says I have already lost 9 pounds! Most of this is from water weight. I was eating way too much sodium before I started and now I am eating a healthy amount and shedding that water weight. A couple pounds of it are fat I am sure. I know that my weight loss will slow down now and I expect to loss around 2lbs a week until I get to a lighter weight.

I will take a picture every 15 pounds and when I feel comfortable sharing i will post them on here.  I know there wont be a huge difference at my size in 15 lbs but it is a nice mini goal for me when I am going to try and loss close to 60.

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